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During a time when I am usually planning lessons for the upcoming school year, I was working on plans to teach an English Camp in Rivne Ukraine.

Being a technology teacher I am usually planning how I am going to teach a Digital Photography course or how to explain Microsoft Office. This year I am working on how I am going to explain what “bent” is and try to teach Bible stories to 20 something year old Ukrainians.

This last week was so much different from the first week, but just as good. The first week was full of Pirates and children, last week was full of Bible stories and Young Adults. Although they were totally different they both had their blessings.

I love how things can be complete polar opposites but you learn things equally important in both and get equal enjoyment from them!

Last week was just like starting the school year like I would back at home. I had two classes a day, I taught the same thing in both had totally different experiences in both and the students learned and I got to do something that I was comfortable with and something I knew I could excel at. But it still took the patience and power of the Lord at times. The only difference between last week and back at Corning Christian Academy, is that when I missed picture day, there were no re-shoots, however I managed to make it into the picture somehow…

The day started out with a 2-4 PM class with a bit of a break and then a whole new set of people for a 7-9 PM class. The time started with some songs, an object lesson that went with the Bible story for the day. Then we broke up into our classes. Emily Allison and I had the Intermediate group, so they knew some English but it was difficult for them to have a conversation without using your whole body to explain what you are talking about.

Our classes started out with vocabulary, then we went into a Bible story, then explaining and understanding how the Bible story and the object lessons were alike, then a game, and finally mock-conversations. This went really well and we had lots of fun! And then it was time to meet back up with everyone in the main room to sing some more and have tea.

The camp had a theme of God’s Promises and there were a different promise every day. The first was God’s Presence where we talked about the Fiery Furnace. The second was God’s promise for forgiveness and we talked about the Adulterous Woman. The third day was God’s promise for guidance and we talked about the Pillar of Cloud and Fire. The Fourth day was God’s promise for provision and we talked about the Feeding of the 5000. The last day was God’s promise for rest and we talked about Jesus Calming the Storm.

The students really enjoyed the stories and were genuinely interested, even the ones who did not come from a church background. We even had a few people show up to church on Sunday and I hope they continue to come and hear what God has for them.

And at the end of the week we were able to bless some people from the church and their family with some good old fashion American barbeque!

This week has shown me how much I have missed teaching and how much I am going to miss my students this year! Good luck students and good luck Class of 2013!