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So I know I have not posted a blog in a month and a half now and I have been already gone to launch and have been in Ireland now for two weeks. You have probably been wondering where this Blog has been and here it is!!

I have been in Ireland for two weeks now with my team of Joshua Femiano, Charlie Nance, Alyssa Mueller, Katy Westrom, Kelly Steinhaus, and Emily Allison. We are in this house with Teams Kingdom Come and Alethia. There has been 21 of us living in a house and passing out tracts on the street around Dublin. There has been a flood of people to Ireland over the past few weeks especially around the Dublin Area where we are. They have come from all over the world to visit right before going to the Olympics in London. We have been putting out thousands and thousands of tracts and have seen life change and seen God work in mighty mighty ways! This is where the story begins!

God really showed me that He provides and is working and I just need to be patient and wait on Him to move.

So I was doing ministry in Tallaght and we were at a shopping center. I was with Emily Allison and we were walking around and we were praying and waiting to hear from the Lord on what to do. She gets the first word that she is just supposed to follow where I go and do what I ask.I’m like “OK.” I feel like we are supposed to go and sit on this bench right outside of a Claires and a smothie stand. So we go and sit.

A half hour goes by and nothing. Then I start to pray and ask God who am I supposed to be talking with? As I am praying Emily and I both notice that only fathers and their children or children waiting for their father have sat down at our bench. Emily then points this out and says that this is a bench where kids go to spend time with their dad or wait for their dad. She said that she is just spending time with her Dad and I said I guess that means I am waiting for mine… I then return to praying and finally I get a word. The word is that God is sending a woman to come talk to us.

By now an hours has gone by and she hasn’t shown up, so I start to pray again, and another word comes to me. This time it is that she will be wearing green. So I continue to wait for a woman wearing green to sit on our bench. Another half hour passes and I am praying and God gives me another word, Emily is going to start the conversation.

By now I am getting very impatient and am looking for God to have this woman finally show up so we can talk to here. About quarter to four I start praying again and say God you need to hurry up because I am leaving in 15 minutes whether she is here or not. As I am praying this I hear, open your eyes. As I do, I look up and behind me stands a woman with 2 kids and is wearing a green shirt. I cant help but smile and Emily looks at me and asks is that the woman? I say to her if she sits down its the woman, well she stands their a while and her kids sit on the bench, then she goes over and gets a smoothie and I am like God you must be having fun now!

She comes back and stands some more and I was like woman please sit down so we can talk to you. All of a sudden she sits down, Emily smiles and we start to talk to her about her kids and her other daughter who is not there and we get to tell her about the World Race, as we are talking it is time to go and as we get up I get to ask her if there is anything we can pray for, and she says we can pray for her husband who is taking a test to become a pilot captain. We parted ways and I said I would pray.

Then we got in the vans and I got to talk with Stephen McCarthy who was the first traveller in the world to be saved and who’s family is one of the biggest drug pushers in all of Ireland. I said I would be praying for them and for his sons Michael and Patrick.

God has really been moving in the people of Ireland and in the people on my squad. We have seen multiple people pray to ask Jesus into their life, we have had coutless conversation with people from all walks of life and in all sorts of situations. Through this God has been teaching me to be patient and wait for his moving. He has also been speaking to me that I do not need to be the best street evangelizer and that I just need to be patient have a joyful heart and remember that I am only doing this for Him, and if I am lucky God will keep sending “Woman in Green” to talk to or maybe a “Man in Blue” or a “Boy with a Mohawk!” I just need to remember that I am not going to be good at all parts of ministry, I just need to know what I am good at and allow God to grow me in the areas where I am not!

P.S. I cut my hear a bit…