Matt Ryan Murray

I’m Matt Ryan Murray!

I am Married to the most Amazing Woman!

I am the Father to a Curious little Boy!

And, I’m a Son of God!

I’m for, Unique Design, Missions, and Scented Light!

I’m for, Seeing the world!

I’m for, Chasing the sunrise!

I’m for, Chocolate, Tea, Writing, and Photography!

I’m for, Clothing the naked!

I’m for, Feeding the hungry!

I’m for, Empowering the weak!

I’m for, Counseling the broken!

I’m for, Running the Race to receive a prize!

I’m for, being Joyful in hope!

I’m for, being Patient in affliction!

I’m for, being Faithful in prayer!

I’m for, Challenging the norm!

I’m for, Reinvention!

I’m for, Honor!

I’m for, Integrity!

I’m for, Truth!

I’m for, Community!

I’m for, Christ!

What are you “for?”